Menu Plan Monday – Inspired by Mama24Boys at Tales from The Nursery

If you haven’t visited the most adorable 4 brothers and their amazing (really, she’s amazing – raising 4 boys in a life of faith, family and healthy living) mom at please do. In addition to being an awesome mom, Mama24Boys has some awesome recipes, so visit her 🙂

And now, inspired by her post this morning – here’s the menu plan here this week (thankfully I don’t have to deal with t-ball and “in school” this summer means that I’m writing my capstone, thankfully not writing my capstone AND taking 2 other classes like I was in spring 2012!):

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Lunches during the work week will be salads or turkey wraps depending on which cycle of my journey I’m on … and of course yogurt … and lemon water … and green tea

Monday – Chicken Shawarma for a lunch & leftovers for supper (from Sunday’s crockpot roasted turkey breast & veggies)

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Green Chili (which I thought I had previously posted … but evidently haven’t … hmmm …)
Wednesday – last night of school – grilled steaks

Thursday – Asian BBQ Chicken & Broccoli Slaw (this recipe except with boneless skinless chicken breast not thighs)

Friday – stuffed bell peppers (lean ground turkey mixed w/ meatloaf flavored tomato sauce stuffed in red bell peppers and then cooked in the crockpot all day)

Saturday -probably my bastardized version of 17 day diet chili (sorry the one in the book isn’t my cup of tea; I need SPICY not tomato sauce & onion … homemade taco seasoning & El Pato get the job done)

That’s as far ahead as I’m planning. MadiKinz93theUnicorn is journeying on the 7th of June … so planning is as planning does …

also for the quiet file on facebook