So you think … reflections on youth sports in the community

There’s something in the air in our community … a camaraderie borne of teamwork between adults, of a passion for a bright future for today’s youth, of a love for the pure sweat of a well-played game.

In the space of a year, a grass-roots effort to revitalize and unify youth sports in our community has grown into a tremendously well-organized group committed to keeping kids active, involved and loving sports from 3 and 4 year olds playing pre-tee-ball to 18 year old softball and swimming.

If you’re ever feeling that your volunteer commitments and lack of sleep are kicking your butt, go to the closing ceremonies for a youth sports season – even if you’ve been volunteering since before 9am running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep and 2 cups of coffee (with a hella headache and a triple-non-fat-venti-iced-latte in your hand & headed for your blood stream) you will sit there in awe of the number of volunteers (coaches, refs, time-keepers, score-keepers, board members, organizers, snack-bar attendants) and the number of community members – so many parents with their children ranging in age from the tiniest tots to the awkward adolescents trying SO hard to be cool 😉 and even the parents of the coaches and officials.

Gone are the days of the community youth-sports programs each being separate organizations frustrating parents with competing schedules, overlapping seasons, bifurcated registrations & seemingly endless requests for volunteers, snacks, etc.


Ever since coaching an under 6 team of AYSO in high school, I refused to be a Soccer Mom – but if it’s going to be under the aegis of the CCYS I think it’d be a great thing!