Comfort – Five Minute Friday #FiveMinuteFriday

Comfort ….

for steph

Once upon a time being in the comfort zone was a comfortable place … now it makes me wonder if I’m pushing myself enough … and pushing means going outside that comfort zone and exploring the parts of life and self that need to be challenged.

Routine is comfortable.

Tradition is comfortable.

Spending a day on a job interview is – regardless of need/want/preparedness – uncomfortable.

Baring your soul is uncomfortable.

Eating pasta is comfortable but the effect it can have on your system when you’ve had flour exactly 3 times in 32 days is um not

Kleenex, Puffs and their generic counterparts – despite years of trying – still are not as comforting or comfortable as an ancient cotton hankie. Warm from a pocket.

Adidas addisage sandals are not – at first – a source of comfort, but boy for aching feet they’re miraculous!

Being stuck in sneakers for a year provides comfort to an injured paw … but is awkwardly uncomfortable in certain situations … see “job interview” above (tres classy! Navy business suit, high denier hose, perfect white blouse, the right accessories and those Ghastly sneakers … freakin Reebok, man I’ll tell ya)

Coffee is a comfort … but not if it’s from the Golden Arches (unless you bring your own artificial sweetener).


Most of all – love is comfort. And comfort is love. and this week, we celebrated 14 years of sharing a circle of gold marking our promise to be each other’s comfort …

And that’s 5 …

Here’s a great comfort recipe: Super Soft Sugar Cookies!



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