Sartre …

There’s only one sin, and that’s failing to believe you have a choice.


This one goes out to all my mom friends … the ones who are marching in lock-step with the status quo, the ones who’ve outgrown the status quo, the ones who don’t know whether they’re researching what they’re researching because they’ve bought into fear-mongering or if they’re genuinely looking for answers to the competitive parenting status quo that sent me west in the first place.


Some people get all wound up about the concept of “choice” because they’re limiting their belief system to the pro-choice/pro-life debate.


Sweetie, let me tell you something that maybe nobody had the courage to tell you before – EVERY DAY you have a choice about EVERYTHING you do (or at least the stuff not controlled by your brainstem – respiration, homeostasis, etc).

If being super mom drives you crazy, then save your sanity and be half-assed mom – nobody’s going to call the mommy police if you don’t do laundry & clean the house after the kids go to bed. Nobody’s going to give you a merit badge for it if you DO stay up and clean the house & do the laundry; and nobody knows what’s on your to-do list except for you. Fly Lady, to-do lists, Pinterest … whatever … when your earthly life is over nobody’s going to admire the imaginary merit badges you earned because your house was the cleanest, your kids’ clothes were always perfectly ironed, and your grays were always well disguised.

Remember that you have a choice. And choosing sleep over clutter busting, friendship over competition, love over perfection – well those are choices I make today. I hope you’ll join me *mwah*