Five Minute Friday – Red

Red, huh?



well this year for the first time ever in my whole entire life, Red (ok Scarlet) is a school color for me. And it’s Liturgically important on feast days of martyrs, pentecost, and palm Sunday. And on the US flag.


but other than that? Red is visibly absent from my days. It’s symbolic of 3 of the “big” institutions in my life – nation, church & school.





3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Red

  1. Happy back to school season! What a great analogy of “red”… Nation, church, and school. The pillars of our communities and the foundations for our values. Thank you for sharing your point of view. Wishing you a blessed day!

  2. This week’s prompt was hard. I’m so thankful for the way you process the word “red” with your readers. I love the honesty and the connections you made. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to checking out more of your blog. Blessings, Osheta

  3. This is an interesting connection, not one that would immediately have occurred to me, I think…red being a symbol of nation, church, and school for you. Red was a school color for me in both junior high and high school (Stallions and Trojans). I think of it as a warrier color, but you’re right, it’s religious, as well.

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