Five Minute Friday – Song

Song …

Saw today’s prompt and my original reaction was “there’s nothing I can write about song; I can’t sing” – I don’t even sing in the SHOWER LOL

Then tonight I was on Pinterest for the first time in um so long that it surprised me (like weeks? Possibly months?) and I saw this:

 from pinterest uber humor

And honestly that’s when I realized that some of us sing with song and for some of us, our song is what we do or how we do it or for whom or for why or for what … if we don’t live in fear; if we chase our dreams; if we absolve ourselves of the (modern day) sin of being content and happy in the moment despite or because of our troubles, are we not then as much a song as the flowers in the field who also cannot sing?

Earlier this week I said (to a group of friends) my name is probably on a Karmic Revenge list somewhere of bureaucrats, teachers & administrators who want to lynch me for my refusal to accept conformist dumbassery as a replacement for quality education

If that’s my song, well … I suppose there are worse things that have been sung … conformist dumbassery as a replacement for quality education for one 😉

And sometimes our song has to be silence … for example, I commented earlier today about the irony of parents posting comments on containing misspellings while touting the virtues of their child’s education … examples including definitely, alcohol, Mormon, and clique (yes, apparently each of those words can be spelled with extra A’s. Or my personal pet peeve: homeschooling parents whose spelling skills are redolent of 3rd grade laziness … spelling and grammar shouldn’t be something that you’re shortchanging your children if you’ve made the choice to teach them at home.

SO that’s it my 5 minutes on “song” … probably not very lyrical 😉

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