Five Minute Friday – Imagine

Imagine …

… being able to be in 3 places at once: home, work, and floating on a cloud …

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… living in a world where people really understood that the reason bad things make the news is because they’re UNUSUAL …

… people realizing that Green Day is really talking about um them?

Prof McgonnagalLOL for silent bucket

… a world where moms didn’t feel guilt for being adults, women, human, caffeine-addicted diet soda junkies 😉


… a life where books didn’t fall into bathtubs and where you could wear your favorite scented lotion every day, all day

… being able to just “jump” without remembering the last time you got burned … or broken … or lost … or hurt … or splat

… being able to drive down the road without having to perform evasive maneuvers to avoid asshattery in motion

… being able to be yourself. Without worry. Fear. Compromise.

fashion citation

… putting your cellphone in your pocket and almost losing your drawers … oh wait I actually DID that today …

… how hard life would be if bathtubs, lotion, books, and big fuzzy bathrobes didn’t fix most issues

… if Guinea Pigs didn’t adore Blake Shelton

… tesseracts are real

… that every time you prayed for someone, a soft fuzzy star of loving joy nestled in their heart and they knew that they were more important than their worries; than their fears; than their tax bracket

From The Chive

From The Chive

… being able to jump without thinking about tax brackets … or poverty of time … or the cost of gas … or anything

… being able to randomly take a day to go do whatever you wanted without worrying about how much it cost, how long it took, or the responsibilities piling up behind you …

… being able to say what you think, feel, believe, aspire to, and hope for without judgment, chastisement, animosity, people reading between the lines


… a day when our children can learn for pure love of learning not kowtowing to the lowest common denominator

… a day when every child knows the joy of a new book, an old book, a safe and stable home, loving adults, and caring companions

… writing being the key to it all.

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