From Art with <3

Hadn’t been able to find an art show in reasonable distance with a Timm Chapman booth until the artist list for the 2013 Tempe Festival of the Arts was announced.


What a perfect day! The festival is held in The University District right by Arizona State University (near The Mission Palms) at Mill & 3rd off University.


Our favorite artist Timm Chapman had one of the many booths & his work continues to be a stunning & humbly conveyed perspective on the stark beauty of rugged landscapes and buildings returning to nature (in addition to my favorites, he has neat architectural work and new this year is an incredible black & white piece of the 9/11 memorial – let’s just say it’s a good thing I was wearing sun glasses!) I’ll link up the other artists we purchased from later, but had to scrawl a quick word about Mr. Chapman’s work since he’s the reason we went to the festival :o)


Late night link-up adds:

We also enjoyed Virus Jewelry, Parkside Harmony , Fab Photography, and a couple of others whose business cards are lost in my purse somewhere … QR codes on booth tags would be SUPER next year, y’all …

And here’s a full listing of the artists: