One Newton per meter squared

Have you ever noticed that some of the things that you find funniest on the internet are those that aren’t “safe” to share? (whether they’re NSFW or they fall under the “some day my kid will have a Facebook account too” or they’re just plain the kind of thing that you would share with a girlfriend over a beverage but not with more than 2 or 3 of them total)

Sometimes that’s where blogging leaves us … because there’s so much about ourselves that we don’t share except with those who know us best, yet those are the elements of our lives that are most meaningful and occupy the greatest chunk of real-estate.

In Document Development and Design this week, we’ve been asked to share our professional aspirations and the accompanying website – with a group of fellow students that we’ve known for 2 weeks. I can count on one hand the number of people in my life who could answer that question – and that total includes me! Not because I don’t trust others, but because I don’t trust the universe (or God or whatever name you give the unknown) to not yank the rug out from under me (or whatever cliche you prefer).

Which brings me to the “let’s think about this, shall we” element of today … when you’ve got a hope, a dream, a plan, a passion … do you live it out loud so that everyone you know can extrapolate you along your path and knows where you’re going? Or do you live it quietly so that only those who know you very very very well are aware of it? Is it a product of your personality? Your life experience? Both? Can you pinpoint the moment when you changed from living-out-loud to living in a bubble with limited guests?

(today’s post brought to you by the awesome joke about One Newton per Meter Squared that I will not be sharing because the website it’s from isn’t one that I want associated with my online reputation … yeah … it’s like that)



So it’s been a while since I last posted, but blogging has reemerged as a fun hobby in our home.

If you get a chance please check out:

so what’s new here? that’s a post for later – for now, I’m writing an RFP analysis on for one of my classes and reading about Environmental Communication and the Public Sphere for another …

And here’s what I learned in 2 days last week 😉

So far this week I’ve learned:

    • if the sprinkler system doesn’t have its own shut-off valve and the temperature drops below 20° chances are you’ll be making coffee with bottled water for a few days
    • that despite its correct spelling, Rubenesque is not in my computer’s spell-check dictionary
    • my 12 year old daughter expected The 4 Disciplines of Execution to be about capital punishment throughout history
    • giraffes sleep less than 2 hours a night
    • someplace between 20° and 15° is the point at which the dog no longer wants to stick her head out car window while going for a ride
    • how the “sum of the year’s digits” depreciation method is computed
    • after 19 graduate classes, I’ve run out of ways to introduce myself cogently LOL