Kitchen Witchin … Early June Edition

First Tales From The Nursery could probably use some hugs right about now since it’s almost bedtime on the first Sunday of Summer Vacation, so please stop over and give her one, ok? She’s an awesome momma and an awesome lady & she’s taking The Orange Rhino Challenge and she’s doing really well with it. Plus she’s just all ’round amazing so please go give her a hug :*


3 timezones away, it’s also the first Sunday of Summer Vacation since MadiKinz93TheUnicorn is on vacation having safely arrived at her destination. Nikki  has been sending her Project Updates to add to the site though 🙂 (since that’s a summer occupation) and I’m 8100 words into Le Capstone … and 8 more books to read for it LOL but it’s overall going well and if you’re interested in participating in my survey for it, go ahead and hit me up via email 🙂  (and no, even though I suggested that Diary of a Zookeeper  try it, I haven’t been over to Five Minute Friday at LisaJoBaker’s site this week).


But right now it’s time to take a break from all that for some Kitchin Witchin …

Last night we had fabulous grilled chicken w/ satay sauce, Asian salad, and grilled zucchini with Szechuan Spice.

There’s chicken ready to go on the grill for grilled chicken Cesar salads.

Greek salads are going to be put together after I build some Tzatziki (from the awesome Lemon Bowl site!)  for tomorrow’s lunches.

Cherry, Almond & Balsamic will be the salad for Tuesday.

Wednesday might be some sort of tuna torture.

Thursday’s lunches will probably be Cesar salads.

Friday’s lunches will be whatever we’re not tired of by the time we get there 😉

Carrot sticks will be made for hummus dipping.

Need to figure out something to do with zucchini & fish for tonight …

And our favorite stuffed peppers will end up on the menu somewhere this week.


found this on Pinterest - it fits - even when my pants don't

found this on Pinterest – it fits – even when my pants don’t


And just as a point of note … if someone contacts you through your “contact us” (or Contact Robert) link, if you choose to write back to them (or have interns doing it for you) have a double check on the spelling of the person’s name. I was reading the book for my capstone … I emailed the author … he wrote back & misspelled my name. Um gee, should I give the books props in my Capstone? Or just its editors?

Honestly, it’s better for a fan to NOT hear back at all than to get an email with their name spelled wrong. An automated response loop would even get that correct.


Menu Plan Monday – Inspired by Mama24Boys at Tales from The Nursery

If you haven’t visited the most adorable 4 brothers and their amazing (really, she’s amazing – raising 4 boys in a life of faith, family and healthy living) mom at please do. In addition to being an awesome mom, Mama24Boys has some awesome recipes, so visit her 🙂

And now, inspired by her post this morning – here’s the menu plan here this week (thankfully I don’t have to deal with t-ball and “in school” this summer means that I’m writing my capstone, thankfully not writing my capstone AND taking 2 other classes like I was in spring 2012!):

also for the quiet file on fb 2

Lunches during the work week will be salads or turkey wraps depending on which cycle of my journey I’m on … and of course yogurt … and lemon water … and green tea

Monday – Chicken Shawarma for a lunch & leftovers for supper (from Sunday’s crockpot roasted turkey breast & veggies)

Tuesday – Slow Cooker Green Chili (which I thought I had previously posted … but evidently haven’t … hmmm …)
Wednesday – last night of school – grilled steaks

Thursday – Asian BBQ Chicken & Broccoli Slaw (this recipe except with boneless skinless chicken breast not thighs)

Friday – stuffed bell peppers (lean ground turkey mixed w/ meatloaf flavored tomato sauce stuffed in red bell peppers and then cooked in the crockpot all day)

Saturday -probably my bastardized version of 17 day diet chili (sorry the one in the book isn’t my cup of tea; I need SPICY not tomato sauce & onion … homemade taco seasoning & El Pato get the job done)

That’s as far ahead as I’m planning. MadiKinz93theUnicorn is journeying on the 7th of June … so planning is as planning does …

also for the quiet file on facebook