Five Minute Friday – Last

Last … from Five Minute Friday at LisaJoBaker (whew! I’m back … it’s been too long!)

next Tuesday I begin my next last academic adventure 😉 I always say it’s the LAST ONE but this one might really be it.

But this morning I’m mulling over the other “last” things that others may cherish more than we do ourselves – for example Tales from the Nursery is raising 4 boys, the eldest is 5 years younger than my daughter (actually TFTN is the same age younger than I than her eldest is from my dd). It’s funny how your perspective changes as your kids age  –  and the things you forget you worried about – and the things that you realize worried you just the right amount.

Last also reminds me of the print that hung in my Grandma’s kitchen for as long as my childhood – a gilded frame with tempered glass and a painting of The Last Supper in it. The last time I visited her it wasn’t there – funny that I didn’t notice when she took it down – or even when and trying to reimagine her kitchen on various visits with or without seems impossible …

Which makes you wonder what will be important to you when you’re in your dotage that’s important to you now that was important to you when your brain was abducted by littles … and it makes you contemplate this cartoon that I found this morning

with props to Col Chris Hadfield and Zen Pencils for the quote and the rendering:

zen pencils cartoon


4 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday – Last

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  3. I love that part about the painting in your grandma’s kitchen. Isn’t that weird, how we see something missing, and then it doesn’t take too long before we forget when it happened? Or even weirder, with buildings, I can’t even remember what was THERE before.

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