five minute friday – belong

Earlier this summer I finished my final project in my English program and an interesting element of the reading I did included the 3 or 4 ways (depending on how you look at it) that people are able to temper/mitigate the stresses in their lives.

BELONGING is one of them.

We all knew that right? I mean Maslow blah blah blah needs blah blah blah hierarchy blah blah blah blah blah.

But did we ever really THINK about how our ACTIONS translate into creating a culture or environment conducive to enhancing someone else’s experience of BELONGING?

Families have traditions for it – wedding showers, engagement parties, weddings themselves, and then later baptisms and baby showers and birthday parties and whatnot.

Religions do but whether they enhance the belonging or exacerbate the separateness is up for debate (gee you had your first live snake handling … do you “belong” to those nut job snake handlers or are you separate from the rest of us? Or are we separate from you? And O BTW WHERE THE F is the snake NOW?!?!? AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!) If you’re interested in learning more about that aspect of belonging, I advocate reading AJ Jacobs’ book The Year of Living Biblically. And yes, I can live with the fact that he went to Brown … because HE isn’t the Brown student who tried to hack the IRS’s website this week and sent out a bajillion spam phishing emails to state university students all over the country (which BTW, reporting to both the IRS & to Brown University was useless … thus it’s on my blog).


So go forth. Make people belong. Belong to someone. To something. To yourself. To the world. And don’t forget at the end of the day – no matter who has let you down – you’ll always belong to the dog. Because she doesn’t have thumbs & you do. Now go open the fridge and make some noms appear before you belong to the barked-at-guild-of-America.




4 thoughts on “five minute friday – belong

  1. btw I mean “belong to the world” not as anything against religion or God – I meant it more like “get off your duff and go serve; there’s a world full of people who need extra hands and you’ve got 2 of them; we’re all a community” … just in case anyone read that to be like I was advocating shunning a morally upright approach to life … just remember: JESUS DIDN’T EXCLUDE PEOPLE SO IF YOU’RE GONNA REFER TO HIS TEACHINGS IN YOUR MORALITY, THEN YOU SHOULDN’T EXCLUDE EITHER. (got that? no hating on people who are different than you & blaming Jesus for it – it’s not his fault you’re a bigot, He didn’t teach you that garbage; knock it off)

  2. Love your thoughts on making other people belong. We do tend to get caught up in our own belonging so much that we forget that others are feeling the same way. The people I’ve learned the most from in life have been people who’ve done just that, made other feel like they belonged. It is a great ideal to work towards.

  3. I am tired today. I am honestly wondering if I all ready commented on your post or just replied to your comments on mine! LOL I guess a nap just might be in order today! Anyway, I agree we need to serve those in the community we are in and how them the love of Christ. That does not just mean those in our church community, school community, family community, but the community we circulate in (grocery store, neighbors, etc.). We all NEED Christ and so many times the way we learn of His love is through the loving actions of those who serve Him. And as for your snake handling comment, I had to chuckle 😉 I have a great grandfather who snake handled, I love(d) him dearly! He went to be with God many years ago and I still admire his knowledge of the Bible and God. I didn’t know he snake handled until a few years ago, I told my parents he was nuts (but I think anyone who wants anything to do with a snake is nuts so…). Anyway, had to share that 😉 Thanks for sharing your post today and thanks for your comments on my blog post.

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