Present – Five Minute Friday – from

Five Minute Friday – Present

Present …. The first thought that comes to mind is Van Dyke’s book The 4th Wise Man – an excellent story about the gifts that each of us brings to the lives we live through the blessings we receive from the Lord. Blessings that, until we give of them to others, prevent us from truly seeing the Lord in our lives.

set godin

Present … here and now … challenging my deodorant to live up to its Marathon Sport Clinical Strength labeling when speaking in public about the importance of a blended learning option in our school district.

Present … being able to think on your feet because you’re in the moment, not dwelling on the past not dreaming of the future, but firmly grounded in the path which is set before you – and knowing that the thing you MUST do is take the next right step (thank you Regina Brett for putting it much more eloquently than I)

for steph
Present … being able to preorder books from Amazon so they’re waiting for you to rip open the box and dive into the pages when the time is right.


Present … the touchstones that remind us of who we are, what we mean to others, how we connect with them and the world around us, the thrumming of the universal language of humanity; not words; but harmony and connection. A touch. A smile. A gift of presence.


From Pinterest

From Pinterest

Present … being able to laugh and cry at the same time; being blessed to have the words to tell someone else how much they’re valued and how deeply their friendship meets others hearts and emboldens them to go beyond their shell and into the greater good they have to offer the world.


Present … what’s apparently “lacking” from those of us who chose outward migration from our hometown … that gives rise to challenge – a gauntlet as it were – from those who remained and feel that those who departed somehow took the answers and solutions “con migo”


Present … with diet dr pepper and the freedom to wear whatever shoes I want after 466 days of sneaker imprisonment! Present … wondering if sometimes Doctor’s Orders are meant to push us to the breaking point … or to repair us from it.





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  1. Hello, I’m your FMF neighbor. Thank you for sharing the many things that being present means in our day-to-day lives and how important it is to everyone we encounter.

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