Five Minute Friday – Beautiful

Beautiful – today’s Prompt from Five Minute Friday


Is it beautiful to have the opportunity to write without worrying about others’ feedback? Or is it more of a challenge not knowing what others think?

The summer project from heck came back yesterday … the material’s there but it needs a significant overhaul … oh boy … so a beautiful day was spent working on it … not without accomplishing what needed to be done though; all in a mom’s day as they say! Thankfully the ever beautiful MadiKnz93theUnicorn is having fun with the fun part of the family this summer, so it didn’t affect her 4th that momma was editing (which in case you didn’t know, is more time-consuming than writing).


But really on the topic of beautiful – I’ve been struggling to come to terms with a blogpost that I read last week (that originally appeared at The Daily Life here ) written by the daughter of a mom whose body image issues haunted her (haunted them both actually) … but as I read the blog-post I was more taken aback by the absolute lack of shall we say “HEY YOU! You made me SAD as a child and it’s your fault that I’m a wreck today” directed at the girl’s dad … when the dad was the jerk who was criticizing the mom, making her cry over dinner, teaching his children that she should be the object of their contempt and scorn. Good job deadbeat wherever you are you taught your daughter well – mommma’s the one to attack; not you, even though you’re the real jerk.


See, I’m not a big fan of Blake Shelton (as anyone who knows me can attest … sorry, but one more damn objectification of women song UGH!) although his Tweets are a hoot


Alas I digress … I’m not a big fan of Blake Shelton (or country in general) but I admire Miranda Lambert’s Pistol Annies for their first album (not so much the 2nd one) and her Tweets are worth reading also

Here’s my point …

In an interview with Self Magazine, Miranda reported:

“I asked Blake, ‘Dude, why didn’t you tell me I got fat?’ He said, ‘That would go over like a lead balloon. It’s not my job to tell you you’re fat. It’s my job to tell you you’re beautiful.’”

You can see her entire interview here – Self Magazine June Issue Link




My point is this … they say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder … but sometimes people need to be reminded that they are beautiful … and Operation Beautiful is changing the world (and your life and how you see it) one Sticky Note at a time! So get to living. Put your sticky notes where you can see them. Put your sticky notes where others can share them because YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! And your message to the world lives in your ability to get past/over/through your issues with/about/from your physical form and remembering that your ethereal presence – soul, kismet, whatever you personally call it … that presence is ALWAYS beautiful. You’ve never heard of an ugly angel have you? So HA!





For Felicia






(by the way Five Minute Friday’ers? Last week’s In-Between Prompt … My writing was so terrible that not even the person who posted behind me at first I was kind of wondering why … then I read her blog post and realized that she’s got WAYYY bigger stuff going on than reading my whine fests & I’ve totally been there between injury and healing, and kind of still am … so it was a good learning opportunity … and I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to read her post if she hadn’t not-commented 🙂 so it was a good visit – I still didn’t comment, but if you get a chance her blog is beautiful  – family, faith, crafts and food … who can go wrong with a visit there? and I can totally empathize with her struggle … next Friday I can FINALLY wear “real people shoes” after being stuck in post-injury sneakers for a year.)



See? Angels are beautiful. Zombies are Zombies.

See? Angels are beautiful. Zombies are Zombies.



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