Five minute Friday – In Between a quoka & a wokka

Well this little


guy in my newsfeed made me smile between kicking the computer in the butt because it was eating reports (and queries and all that nerdy stuff that I do for a living) and reading my 3rd selection in the 1 Minute Manager Series: the one minute manager meets the monkey (which is awesome – so much so that I bought myself a sheet of fuzzy monkey stickers to keep myself accountable to not be a compulsive monkey picker upper. Which it seems I am. Not as a manager, but as an everything else er.

And somehow in between selling raffle tickets & eating the 61st workday salad in a row, I managed to run to the post office & stock up on priority mail envelopes (because I’m one of those loathsome beasts who prints her own priority postage to save 11% and not have to go to the post office – which in small town America is only open in between the hours of 8:30am & 4:30pm)

where I am

In Between the “I turned it in” and “what does my mentor think of my work” between the first submitted copy and the revision time. and it’s weird. I didn’t realize how much of the grey matter in between my ears was preoccupied with the project.

Between you, me & the internet … be blessed & have a good weekend. I’ll linkup to LisaJoBaker later


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