you don’t always have to be right …

so that’s why this is here and not on Facebook – because I don’t have to be right about it, but it gave me a point that I wanted to make and sometimes that’s ok … I’m not making anyone read it, and from time to time my furry little brain needs to write about something that’s not quite so structured as academic writing so when something sparks, I try to see if it’ll go anywhere …

ran into a “well that makes as much sense as a raincoat on a frog” post the other day from one of my favorite business sites the other night – Inc. Magazine’s Facebook Page

(and before I go any further, I whole-heartedly agree with Mr. Seth Godin … he’s absolutely correct “You are not your resume, you are not your work” … 40 hours of your week doesn’t have to define who/what/how/why you are the other 128; we’re all dynamic and interesting, versatile and adaptable, human beings and we have the tremendous blessing of living in a free country …

Photo with a quote shown here.

set godin

and if Inc. Magazine had just left it at that, it would have been beautiful – a perfect Thursday afternoon nudge in the subconscious presented in an unpretentious yet provocative manner (thought provoking you nut, not Madonna or Sinead O’Connor provocateur)

But they didn’t. They added to their description of the photo that Seth Godin is a marketing guru.

Which tells me they entirely missed the point of Mr. Godin’s quote. Which is a shame

According to the quote, Mr. Godin is a genius who understands the human creature on a level that few of us can contemplate.

According to Inc. Magazine, we should probably wear tinfoil hats when he’s around because he might use that genius for something other than thought provoking one-liners about the construct of self …



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