The Bill of Rights

Once upon a time we believed that all people were created equal. That they were endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights. That among them were the rights to life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness.

did we not?

And many of us went to school together.

None of us could have predicted what we would grow up to be – and it didn’t matter.

It didn’t matter when we were 10 or 15 or 20.

From The Chive

From The Chive

Now we’re 35 (or well will be in a couple of weeks)

And there’s an awful lot of loud opinions.


Do any of the following make any difference in what you think about me:

  • The kind of car I drive?
  • The color I choose for my hair? Or nails?
  • What brand of sneakers I’m wearing?
  • Whether my socks match?
  • My style of panties?
  • What shampoo I’m using?
  • Or shavers?
  • Or shower gel?
  • That I’ve been sugar free & flour free & except for Greek yogurt & non-fat half & half, Dairy free for 11 days and have lost 13 pounds?

NO Because NONE of that affects how we interact. I’m not sitting on your sofa.

So it shouldn’t make one iota of difference that I spent last Saturday working on my marksmanship.

Nope, I didn’t post a check-in at the range. Nope, I didn’t post pictures. Didn’t even take any. Because I know that the vast majority of my friends are rabidly anti 2nd amendment. And that’s fine for you. But when you live a mile outside the National Forest and getting anywhere requires a 2 hour drive across some of the most rugged terrain that God put on this earth, the perspective on “why” changes a lot.


Photo from the national forest (YES it is illegal to shoot in the national forest, I’m not concerned about that … I worry about things wandering OUT of the national forest and coming to visit … really and truly it’s a mile up the road to the forest … that’s not real far for an animal)

Do you want to do the physics equation of how much mountain lion vs how much patio door it takes to have an unwelcome visitor on my sofa?

I don’t smoke. I don’t drink. I don’t do drugs. (I don’t play Farmville or Candy Crush LOL) I’ve gotten one speeding ticket in almost 20 years of driving. And I only practice 2x/year because ammunition is damn near impossible to find and when it’s possible, the prices are astronomical.


On some level we all want to believe that background checks are going to be the magic (dare I say it? smoking gun!) to getting guns out of the hands of bad guys … Unfortunately they’re going to tell us what we all already know – you believe that if you insulate yourself far enough away from the savage things in nature that you can pretend that nature is 100% rainbows and butterflies and mommies nurturing babies while daddies hunt for nommies. Because that’s what it looks like when you’re locked away in the asphalt & concrete & high-rent world.

I’m not being judgmental – I KNOW that’s how I saw it when the meanest thing I saw in nature was the Canada Geese leaving their nasty green cigar poop all over the apartment complex. There wasn’t a reason to worry about safety or nature coming to visit.

But 5 years and 3 timezones out of suburbia, I finally GET IT –

You don’t stop CRIME by forcing more law abiding normal people to provide more information to a database that’s already got so much information in it that a ticket for being disorderly in North Carolina in 1980something can prevent you from getting a permit for a hand gun in Michigan 30 years later. EVEN IF IT WAS DISMISSED. You stop crime by supporting initiatives that prevent criminal activity in the first place. And you disassociate guns from crime and start addressing the REAL ISSUES:

1. Kids don’t feel like they have a real place in a society where there are so many talking heads yelling about so many problems that we’re medicating our kids for anxiety by the time they start school.

2. In a society where nobody is remarkable and everyone is “special” there’s nobody to look up to – we all create our own heroes – and it’s high time that WE as adults started being the heroes in kids lives. be a role model.

3. Everything else 😉


Before you judge, I encourage you to attend a Women on Target event sponsored by the Women of the NRA. Take a little girl that you love and teach her that not being scared and not relying on someone else for her safety is essential. martial arts are great – but unless you’re Chuck Norris, probably they’re not going to do much good against wild animals.

From The Chive

From The Chive


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