Praying & Waiting – Kitchen Witchin (heathen) Style

As several of my friends know, when I’m worried about a loved one and the only option is to pray – I pray in the kitchen … usually over a pot of jam.


Stirring and praying. You can’t do anything else while you stir a pot of jam.

And pot #2 is about to get under way. Pot #1 is cooked and into jars for canning. Pot #3 will occur later.

jam 2

If you see me somewhere with 8 pounds of fruit, 5 pounds of sugar, a jar of pectin and some fresh lids/bands guess what? It’s prayin’ time.

jam 3

(and yes, for those stalkers playing along from home, those are jars of jam from summer 2011 in the old house …. as I stated today “I’m glad people only take photos of what they prepare, not what they look like while they’re preparing it” … as evidenced by my boxers/t-shirt/faux ponytails style today LOL)


But these?
Yeah. These photos are from now …

the bread

the bread


and a slice with the 2nd batch of nommy jam and unsalted butter … better than a Paczki … fresh and warm from the oven/stove …

jam on bread


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