Too far …

Edited to say: yes, I know about Monsanto. Yes, I have 9 graduate credits in or related to the health-care delivery system and/or environmental implications of garbage like that … I’m sorry if you didn’t know about the government being in bed with big business even if it was at the expense of the quality of your food. And um in the interest of full disclosure – the only Monsanto related product in my home is Pam cooking spray. If you didn’t know about Monsanto and you haven’t kicked them out of your kitchen, that’s your own doing. TYVM.


This week I really tried to walk the line – the one of not sticking my foot in my mouth or dredging up old nonsense. And I did ok, until this evening. After a 10 hour day of braining on 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I flicked on the Facebook app on my phone hoping to let my brain out before heading to Retail Hell and then home (one day w/out coffee lightener was 1 day too many).

What raised my hackles? Well, here’s me sitting in my vehicle listening to a play list shuffle of Josh Groban & Casting Crowns & John Michael Talbot and I start scrolling through my news feed and it’s just post after post of material from evangelical sites

The United States is *not* a theocracy. one of our basic rights as Americans is freedom of religion. When people lose sight of that, we all lose.


There’s a theocracy 1/2 way around the world if you’re looking for one to join – it’s called Saudi Arabia. It doesn’t matter that you’re American, when in Saudi Arabia, you do as The Saud does/says. Will you drown your daughter in your swimming pool because she committed a moral indiscretion?

There’s another theocracy you can look to: the Taliban – wider than just one nation. Do you recognize the name Bibi Aisha? Her photo is a haunting reminder that a legal/justice system based in fundamentalist theology is a BAD idea. Her photo is the lead-in to the article last year in Education Forum Moments of Startling Clarity by S.L. Anderson … what happened to Bibi Aisha? Her fundamentalist sociopathic religion-based culture. She left an abusive marriage (because all 15 year old girls should be forcibly married & kept with the livestock & beaten, obviously) and when her family found out they hunted her down like an animal and they hacked off her nose and her ears and left her to DIE. Because their interpretation of God‘s Word demands that level of obedience.


So you tell me – is that ok? If you’re Christian, you believe in ONE God. So whatever the psychos in the Taliban call God, it’s still THE SAME GOD. It’s blasphemy to say there’s a different God. If your daughter ends up in an abusive relationship because you’re not going to let her see healthy relationships modeled or let her experience the difference between real love and some nonsense you force her to believe – are you going to hunt her down and hack off body parts because she was bad & believed in a brighter future than that? I mean if her ears heard about something better and they caused her to “sin” then God’s Word says you’ve gotta hack ’em off, right? And if your hand isn’t stayed by a messenger of the Lord (a la Abraham & Isaac) then it’s God’s will that you hack away.

If that doesn’t sound ridiculous & barbaric to you, then you should probably be exploring the visa requirements to relocate to a theocracy.

Please remember the historical context for your Biblical definition of marriage: saving up a herd of chattel for a bride price for a son whom you’reexpecting to drop out of school at TEN and get married at 14 and have a life expectancy of 40 years.

Finding God in whatever form we find Him doesn’t mean we can use Him to hurt other people. Not individuals. Not groups. Not genders. Not lepers (even the smelly awkward adolescents with b.o. and pimples). God isn’t a sword and you’re not His holy warrior. Sorry to burst your bubble. God gave you faith AND critical thinking skills. Don’t blame Him. THINK FOR YOURSELF. ASK QUESTIONS. And if you’re in doubt … then PRAY about it. But for heaven’s sake at least be original.

Go ahead and raise your kids in faith. Teach them morals. But make sure that one of them is that we are not jihaadists. You are not a fundamentalist whack job. If you want to start minimizing the downgrade of moral fiber in today’s youth, start small: acts of kindness without expectation of reciprocity or accolades.

And congratulations – my faith in your basic goodness as a person is stronger than my abject loathing of attempts to transform a democracy into a theocracy and it’s that spark of hope that got me riled up enough to say something.

Right and wrong are clear concepts – make sure you’re focused on the appropriate issues to express a public viewpoint. It really is more important to teach your children to be good people than to teach them to regurgitate dogma.



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