in which we …

… apparently I wasn’t clear yesterday … I wasn’t assuming that anyone else does or doesn’t (volunteer, have a variety of causes to support, etc) as has been asserted.


My decision NOT to engage in the social-media movement of having the same profile picture for everyone (despite the fact that I think pink & red for girls and yellow & blue for boys – seems strangely gender biased given the “equality” motivation behind the graphic) has NOTHING to do with my stance on marriage.


I haven’t used my social media outlets to state my beliefs on ANY federal law or Supreme Court Case. I wrote a kick-ass paper on The Arizona Republic using the Miranda Case exhibit at the Phoenix Police Museum article as a piece of “image politics” when juxtaposed with an article about the Ethical Findings about the City of Phoenix … but I didn’t put it HERE on my blog because I didn’t want to bore you all. I’ve whined enough about my Environmental Writing course this semester 😉


But if I HAD to (and it seems I was unclear yesterday) ….

If someone is insane enough to want to invest their life in someone else’s life – whether one or many – then by ALL MEANS go for it.


I’m not going to sit here and type that it’s all sunshine and daisies; and I’m not going to tell you that people who end up in bad situations shouldn’t be allowed to g.t.f.o. of them.

032513 002

Whether through marriage or parenting or the kind of deep and abiding friendship that stands the test of time for a far greater span of life than marriage or parenting; or caring for a person with pervasive developmental disabilities or through working in hospice it’s not for ME to say one way or the other whether that’s ok.


I wouldn’t tell ANYONE to do any of those things and I wouldn’t tell ANYONE not to do those things. And I expect others not to tell ME whether or not I can do those things.

People have and do. From pediatricians to little old ladies in the grocery store to the dumbass ob/gyn who delivered our daughter 12+ years ago. And they are WRONG to assert their beliefs in any context OTHER than how THEY themselves live their lives.


We good now?



Because I don’t want to see any more passive aggressive bullcrap taking pot-shots at my choice to have a picture of the woods as my header or the Women of Valor graphic as my profile picture on Facebook … or the graphic I made myself of photos I took myself on Twitter.



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