(not really kitchen) Witchin – Easter Editchin

First the disclaimers:

  • if you’re offended that this is about Easter, take a hike. It’s my blog.
  • if you’re going to chew on me because of my church attendance (11 out of 13 days last year during the 2 weeks before Easter; haven’t been since First Communion) find another chew toy … I’m not listening; if you want to change my frustrations, you should have stepped up a year ago when I was inches from the mental ledge and helped me then. it’s too late now. I walked away.
  • if you’re looking forward to Easter as a day when you can add back whatever you gave up for Lent, don’t tell me about it … because I try to make Lent (regardless of my church attendance) a time of starting permanent changes. don’t tell me how much you’ll enjoy indulging in 40 days of whatever … no I’m not telling you what those changes are or have been or will be … the purpose of penance is to deepen your personal journey to whatever through self-improvement … and it’s specifically supposed to NOT involve being a show-off about it.
  • no, I didn’t change my profile photo on any social network to the equality symbol today. do you really want to live in a world where people like me think that their friends/visitors/followers/etc are going to change their mind because of something I said or did? ha!
  • Also, do you really want to live in a world where folks like me limit their action to social networking? because there’s a pretty good chance that I was volunteering at a scholarship fundraiser for women in engineering & geology the other day … and that I invest a pretty hefty chunk of time (the equivalent of a full time job on top of the paid full time job that I do type chunk) into various forms of volunteerism throughout the year … if you don’t like it FINE. do it yourself.
  • if you’re offended by my language, don’t follow my blog, it’s that simple. it’s here for my self-expression.

OK? we good now? you’re still willing to keep reading? really? Alrighty then …

This started out to be a post about Easter food. Turns out the Easter food of my youth (and even my adulthood) isn’t out there to be found on Pinterest or AllRecipe or any of the usual haunts of Kitchen Witchin. So you’ll just have to take my word for it – Easter is a holiday. there is food. it’s delicious. no, I wouldn’t ask you to eat it.

And this year my family decided on lasagna. Fine with me. Lasagna it is. And I’m not spending 11 of 13 days so deeply enmeshed in church activities that I forestall seeking appropriate medical care for 12 hours from what turned out to be an injury that I’m still healing from a year later … that works for me this year.

Nobody ever really knows how strange their family is until they’re adults, right?

Right. That’s why we tell our daughter “we’ll pay for therapy OR college, not both” πŸ™‚



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