Blessings & Balderdash …

The reason to wear Green here has nothing to do with 4 leaf clovers and is 100% a product of Michigan State Basketball #SpartanSports #MSU #MichiganState


It’s Tourney Time! The most wonderful time of the year 🙂 If I could pick a holiday and call it “ours” this time of year would be at the top of the list.


The weather is perfect(ly unpredictable!) it’s spring break the peach tree is blooming the apple tree is budding the tulips are trying and the first dark indigo hyacinth is blooming perfectly (funny, I know garden flowers more as a side effect of being a Harmony Kingdom geek at the (hands down!) best retail job I ever had at Pearl Grant Richmans)

But the annual wearing of the green is a good time to ruminate over blessings

  • a baby born 3 1/2 weeks early yet healthy and hefty to a dear friend from long ago & far away tops the list. Miracles come in all shapes and sizes and I’m thankful that she got the one that she’s been so desperately longing for since the first one blessed her family 6 years ago. Gratz Ly & Jeb. You’ll probably never see this – but in case you do, there it is 🙂
  • friends & family – especially the ones who will recommend good books 🙂
  • snail mail – the good kind with handwritten envelopes and wonderful notes inside
  • purple – in any aspect
  • sleep
  • coffee
  • hot water
  • shampoo – yeah. sorry, I admire the concept behind the No Shampoo Challenge, but hons really? If my Mane & Tail Shampoo  is the only thing you can find wrong with me, this must be your first visit to my blog 😉
  • shower gel & lotion – because Sheer Freesia shower products that have been faves since the original freesia was discontinued
  • Indiana Jones Monopoly (which I lost by 85 tonight)

and *drumroll*

there are (as of tomorrow!) only FOUR MONTHS left in my 1 year sentence to wear sneakers all the time … too bad the foot that landed me in that sentence in the first place is in its “neener neener nothing will help” phase of torment right now.


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