What’s a Blog when you’re a student? A holding tank for all those brilliant thoughts we have for school but haven’t yet brought to fruition in our professional lives … case in point:

As achievers in a world of armchair critics, it can be challenging for us to bust out of our comfort zones and share the opportunity to extrapolate opportunities for success … but when we work together with others in a successful way, we ALL have greater success – especially when it comes to client satisfaction.


It took me 34 years of life & 15 years of professional experience to FINALLY understand how that’s actually true … and while there are still times when the uncompromising innovators such as Ayn Rand’s Howard Roark are needed more than the Peter Keating-esque conformists; it’s easier for me to see how the archetype of teamwork applies in multiple areas.


The clean house, sleeping child, savory smells coming from the kitchen, ginger lime fragrance from the candles on the mantle, the operating vehicles in the driveway, the solid roof over our heads … they’re not solely MY doing … I sure as hell can’t build a Jeep … and I definitely didn’t grow or roast the coffee that’s brewing; I bought & ground & measured it.

Teamwork is everywhere … and sometimes being a stubborn ass and building tools for teams is as essential a part of teamwork as being a good follower … we just have to know when it’s worth taking the “I’m an ass” chances 🙂


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