Trying this Today: Perfect Pot Roast | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond

Perfect Pot Roast | The Pioneer Woman Cooks | Ree Drummond.

A couple of confessions of my own 😉

We are out of carrots – the guinea pigs ate them all.

The roast is a Beef Arm Roast – because our freezer still has plenty of 4H meat from longer ago than I’d like to admit.

We are out of stock – all kinds – the Kitchen Witch used them 😉 so Bullion and a splash of worsterchire (never spelled correctly TYVM) were used instead (and wine isn’t in my home unless it’s going as a gift to someone … I have the tolerance of a baby kitten and the hangover propensity of a bad movie … I can’t even take Tylenol or Motrin w/out a rebound headache … so alcohol and I are generally not friends)

And I put the whole thing in a 13x9x2 pyrex after I did the sautee pan step – because even my huge Calphalon omelette pan wasn’t deep enough to make this without making a hugeeee mess and the only pan bigger doesn’t have an ovenproof handle

I used bacon drippings instead of olive oil and/or butter … it’s the only day all week that we’re all home for all meals … so they’re hearty and homey. errr something like that … breakfast after picking MadiKinz93theUnicorn up from KBeanz house was pancakes & bacon; the midday meal will be this perfect potroast with onions, sauteed zucchini and mashed potatoes. The late day meal will be leftover pizza from DeMarco’s – spinach, broccoli & mushroom on white for me, pepperoni on red for my other half and MKinz can have whichever …


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