Discoveries …

The past week has been interesting. Adding a 34 page proposal on top of the usual mix of work/school/mom/etc definitely pushed the limits of my sanity & ability to coexist peaceably with others by 5pm Friday.

But along the way I discovered the following –

First, The Perks of Being a Wallflower has become one of my all-time favorite movies and I’m so glad that I rented that instead of watching that awards show that every other blog on the face of the internet has been talking about since Sunday. Also, if you’re a mom and you try not to let the laundry steal your sanity, you will end up wearing the same black & white striped cami / black sweater / black dress slacks combo 3x in a Friday to Friday span … and it will be clean every time you wear it … indicating that it might be time to lighten up on the laundry a little LOL

Second, I got eaten alive by some kind of really itchy bugs last Saturday at Ren Faire

Third – it’s possible to make a double batch of deliciousness during an hour-long sports practice … as evidenced at this site: – where there were the most fabulous PB & J Blondies

Fourth – my reputation as The Anti-Marketing Maven has stopped preceding me in battle … someone had the audacity to tell me I should “go pro” in marketing because I successfully green-washed Pampers with sufficient research … I’m sorry, the only BS in my life is in a frame stashed on a shelf in the closet next to my desk … I won’t be making a career of it anytime soon; but thanks for the A on the project, I did work my tail off for it.

Fifth – that split infinitives are easier to recognize than to describe in a conversation … to boldly go … stupid Star Trek … everyone knows Star Wars is superior

Sixth …

And the 300+ page Salt River Allotments Vegetative Management preliminary environmental impact study (which you can download at this site  – public comments are welcome until early April, if you’re interested, speak up – email addresses etc below in the original blurbs I put together about this and other TNF news for an environmental communication project this week)

Seventh …

The music of Eliza Doolittle, Joss Stone, and Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears.

Eighth …

And really? I’m trying not to get really tired of being sequestered to sneakers all the time – which is definitely a more comfortable accommodation than the 16 weeks I spent last year in that damn boot/walking cast thing – but really? I’m looking at pretty spring dresses & realizing that I’m stuck in black dress pants until I can start wearing “real” shoes again in early August. 5 more months.

Good thing I’m reading AJ Jacob’s The Year of Living Biblically because it reminds me that there are more significant pita than the sneakers 😉

Ninth … I’m tired of Lent already … specifically: I wanted Gyros for lunch on Friday … and the cheese crisp I had instead sent me to the Tums 2x between 12pm and 5pm. At least gyros would’ve been worth the heart burn …

Tenth … I’m not in the least bit ready for the HFMA CHFP exam that is haunting me … I’ve got til 4/30 to sit for the exam. YIKES.

Eleventh  – putting this first because I have NO idea if it’s really going to work, but I ordered the yarn and will try it this week …

Twelfth – watching movies with Kristin Stewart and Winona Ryder back to back is a BAD IDEA – bad acting is bad acting … (and I can’t decide, having seen it now, if the last Twilight movie was the worst of the movies or just doing the best they could with what was left of the story line … )

Thirteenth – I didn’t miss anything in the last season of AMC’s The Walking Dead … because I was asleep less than 10 minutes in to the 2nd episode …


What’s New In the National Forest?

Residents of our region enjoy the Tonto National Forest every day. Here’s what’s new:

Signal Peak’s Communication Permit up for Renewal in April

Signal Peak’s communication permit is up for renewal in April. Along with 26 other permits including those issued for communication sites on Humboldt Mountain, Carol Springs, Blackjack and Cooks Mesa, Signal Peak’s communication site permit is expired. The National Forest Service proposal is to reissue the permit for ongoing activity. If you’d like to learn more, visit: or contact Rebecca Hoffman at

Land-Swap to Provide Camp Consolidation for Kids

Currently, the USFS is working to swap some lands in the Tonto National Forest (and 3 others) for land in the Pinetop region. The purpose of the Pinetop land would be to provide consolidated camps for children, rather than the existing isolated special use camps. The project is estimated to complete in December of this year. If you’d like to learn more, visit or contact Randall Chavez at

Fossil Creek to Get River Management Plan

Building on the 2009 declaration of Fossil Creek as a “wild and scenic river” by Congress, and the Public Input received over the ensuing years, 2013 will bring a Comprehensive River Management Plan to Fossil Creek scheduled to be completed in July. To learn more visit:  or contact Elizabeth Dykstra at

Firefighters Needed in Arizona and New Mexico to Ensure the Ecosystem of the National Forests

The Southwestern Region (region 3) of the National Forest Service has 10 positions to fill this fire-season in Arizona and New Mexico.  Qualified candidates may view the Consolidated Outreach Statement here: Applications are due by March 22, 2013.

Livestock Grazing Management Evaluation Pending

The time for public comments is now – February 22 through April 8. Public comments and ideas pertaining to the grazing and management of the plant life in the Tonto National Forest / Salt River Region to This autumn, the US Forest Service will be reevaluating the Salt River Allotments Vegetative Management. To download the report visit:


2 thoughts on “Discoveries …

    • They were absolutely PERFECT as a donation for a church dinner last week! Because of the simple prep, it’s easy to make several batches and donate a couple of different flavor combinations – we did grape jelly w/ pb and chocolate frosting with pb.

      I need to tinker with the salt (didn’t put any in and it clearly needs it) but the recipe is fantastic.

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