Feo Smello – love it

nikki's blog

Hello there. 

Nikkesta the besta dogesta in the westa reporting to you from the not-so-smelly-anymore location on RetretMeow Drive. Just a week ago, at this very place, a terrible crime of nature occurred.

You has heard the saying “curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back” haven’t you? Yes, well, there’s a reason there’s not a dog in that saying. Because nobody should have to smell what happens when a dog’s curiosity gets the better of her. Is muy muy feo. Yes, I know this word, feo. Is how dogs describe los gatos en todo el tiempo. (I tell you when you’re older what that means). You say a smell can’t be feo? Then you must not has been here last Day After Falling Skies Night. Overwize you not argue with whether smell can be feo.

So I was patrolling my yard – as I usually do – and I…

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