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Once upon a summer there was a very warm dog. That’s me. My name is Nikkesta – besta dogesta in the westa. If you not knows me yet, no worries, soon you will! Previously I has writed about the adventures of Poppy/Michigan visiting me and the summer that Princess and the Rettos went to Michigan. Dis writings is my 3rd adventure entry.


One very hot summer day, I was observing my humans. King Minion (you know him? People name is King Minion. Wears no fur on head. Has 2 feet) has’d gone to the works … but was VERY strange because he drovezd away from my house in the little white ride-giver. Um. Dis NEVER happened to me before in as long as we’s has had the white ride-giver. Always dis ride-giver is the Queen Minion (you know her? People name is Queen Minion, Has long…

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