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Once upon a time, there was a people named Blue Scrubs. She was petite and powerful; the Rettos loved her very much. See the Rettos had a Queen at their home whose elbow was a hassle along with the awful neighbors of the elbow: knee, ankle and foot – and Blue Scrubs was the Physical therapist that helped those naughty neighbors and the ebil eblow once again cooperate with the Queen. Powerful Blue Scrubs the PT also helped the King with his back which had been awful for many many many many years – how many? Well, according to Retto Math each many = 5 human years. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves …

The ebil eblow got broken at the Light Parade of 2009 and along with it, the knee, ankle and foot got c.f.’ed. Dis was only 5 months after The Queen and The Blue Scrubs started working…

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