Tuesday – Grateful for Challenges

Tis the season … for sniffles and stomachaches, for budgets and tax review …

Today was a day that reminded me of all my challenges and all of my blessings. It was a day when the delicate symbiotic relationship between home, work, school and volunteer commitments was challenged. Thankfully, rather than giving in to the temptation to complain about any of it, I pushed right on through it. Ok, so I left the house without my voters registration card this morning and went to the wrong polling place tonight; it was probably overkill to buy $100 of chicken soup, tissues, Gatorade and OTC symptom relief products; it was probably poor parenting to trade Roo a new tween magazine in exchange for doing her religious ed homework … but the project that I HAD to get done tonight (that I learned was on my plate at 5:30pm) was done and done well …

Sometimes your constitution is challenged, and when it is, getting the job done is more rewarding than complaining about having to do it.


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