Sunday – a day for balance

Sunday seems to be the day in my home when I am able to find the balance that seems so “off” other times during the week. Especially on a Sunday like today when Roo and I attended Saturday evening church service so she could sleep in today & I could have the morning to myself.

For instance, this morning appears to be a morning of me working on school work and drinking coffee in my pajamas while the dog snacks on kibble. A quick look beneath the surface and we see that the “list” for the day has begun (beginning with coffee and laundry and ending with volunteering for a work project downtown during trick-or-treat while Roo and her friends trick-or-treat at the town’s safe ToT event followed by visiting relatives after to deliver the fruits of fall: homemade apple butter that we prepared and canned ourselves)
There’s always something peaceful about doing laundry – you sort through a week’s worth of business wear (almost always machine washable for a mom!) and you remember the successes (a couple) and failures (a couple more) that you had during the workweek, you see the coffee on the sleeve of your favorite dress shirt, a dab of mustard on your favorite sweater … and you dump it all in the washing machine and throw in a cup of powdered detergent (essential in my hard-water town) and turn it on … and last week’s issues spin ’round and go away and you start fresh tomorrow. Some of you may find the same thing in your religious practice as your clothes find in the washer: a chance to get the past week’s trials washed away and start clean, no matter the successes or failures, coffee splats or mustard dribbles.

What do you think?

What refreshes you and brings balance back to your week?


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